Fully Immersive Media Integration

Our production company focus on one of a kind fully immersive media platform with the cutting edge technology team. We are one-stop-shop that integrates VR animation, 360 live action film, live stream in 360 and extreme sport for cross media platform in VR. Not only do we create one of a kind immersive experience for viewers, but expand the experience into online graphic novels and VR video games based on our VR scripted series.

New Entertainment Frontier

Our content fully utilize the 360 and VR experience through emotionally engaging narrative storytelling. We base our creative stories on real people and real events to create a new generation hybrid entertainment medium.

Meet the Team

Founder of Triforce Entertainment, Kara Kandarakis, is passionate about new format storytelling utilizing VR platform. As a director/writer for all content, she creates out-of-the-box format for viewers. Multitude of cross industry experiences in independent film distributing (Asia), independent film producing, market intelligence and finance have lead her to found the first cross media VR platform company.

Kara Kandarakis

Kara Kandarakis

CEO & Founder


Anthony Karydis


Masa Nagata

Production manager